How Do You Make a Cake From Scratch?

What kind of cake are you planning to make from scratch?

Do you know your option of what kind of cake you can make from scratch?

We need to get to the basic before you can even make a decision.

There are 2 main kinds of cake, foam and butter and with knowing some basic baking skill you can make both of these different cakes. There are simple and can be made from scratch with a little knowledge. Let start with foam cake, this type of cake you do not use baking soda or powder to raise the cake.The other option is a butter cake, uses butter and baking powder or soda to make it rise. I enjoy a butter cake much more, it is tastier according to my taste buds.

Foam cakes there are 2 methods to making a foam cake

1. Separating egg method

2. Whole egg method

Separating the egg method is the most common and we will discuss this briefly. First need to separate the egg yolk from the white we will be using the white. You take egg white and start mixing them on low add some white sugar and once the eggs are broke part add you cream of tartar this is an acid and will help you egg meet it full volume. Turn to medium and as it get stiff and then add remaining sugar gradually. When peaks are stiff and shiny they are done.

Next you fold in you flour mixture and bake according to your recipe. This technique helps you make perfect angel food cake and sponge cakes.

Butter cakes

Butter cake start with butter and sugar and mix on low setting until the 2 ingredient start forming small bubbles, then you can gradually increase the speed but it is imperative you start on low speed. This takes approximately 5 minutes. When this is light and fluffy it is now time to add you egg, use room temperature eggs for best results. After these ingredient are mixed in and the combination is smooth.

We next move on to sifting in the flour, salt and baking soda or powder. Sifting help distribute the ingredients and avoid clump of dry materials. Once all ingredients are combined the mixture should be thick and read to put in a cake pan, making sure to grease the pan and I also you a dusting of flour in bottom and side of pan. Bake according to recipe and your butter cake are done when a tooth pick comes out clean.

I hope this give you a small piece of how easy baking from scratch can be. You can bake from scratch not only does it taste better but you will have such a felling of accomphlishment,. you ill be proud and your family get fresh and great tasting food.

I enjoying baking and making homemade dessert and cakes for my family. I enjoy cooking and seeing the joy of my family with home cooked meal. Knowing that i made the meal and giving my family a healthy alternative from fast food not only makes me proud but happy.
I am also a registered nurse and know the health benefits of cooking your own meals.

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